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DAM Gate Replacement & Opening of DAM Fall 2018


UPDATE 12/31/2018 – DAM is officially closed to allow water level to rise.

UPDATE 10/13/2018 – The DAM is officially open to drop the lake level.

UPDATE 9/30/2018 – Final DAM Gate and Vault repairs have been completed as of today.  Lake level will remain.  Opening of the DAM will occur Columbus Day, Monday, October 8, 2018!

UPDATE 9/16/2018 – DAM Gate Replacement has been installed.  Specialized plug is remaining in place to allow cement to cure for a week.  Testing of the Gate will occur for leaks later this week.   Lake level will remain, but ***Please check-in for updates throughout the week if in case this changes***

Starting the weekend of September 15-16th, DAM gate replacement work will begin. The goal is to plug the inlet side pipe with a specialized plug, drain the vault, and perform the necessary work. If all goes well, this will allow the lake level to remain up until Columbus day, Monday, October 8, 2018.

****NOTE: If the plug fails, DAM will be opened around September 15-17th. If this occurs a notification will go out via emails (currently on hand), website and BPA Facebook’s page.


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