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Latest News from Camp Cedarbrook October 2016


Dear Cherith/Cedarbrook Community,

On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, we completed the process of transferring ownership of NECC’s property. Our camp is now entrusted to Camp Berea in NH, an organization deeply committed to reaching youth and families for Jesus Christ through camping ministry. This is a bittersweet moment: while we mourn the laying to rest of NECC, we hope for the future of this place which holds so many dear memories for all of us. Thank you so much for your faithful service and commitment to NECC through the decades, and for your prayers and support in this last year.

One day soon, laughter and singing will float from the open windows of the Dining Hall again. The “thwacks” of campers hitting the tetherball back and forth will sound on the hill. The speed boat will make donuts on the lake, the buzz of its motor almost drowned out by the shrieking delight of the tubers. Girls and boys will fall asleep in cabins, anxious to wake up to a new day at camp. And most importantly, campers and staff alike will hear of the rugged cross and the empty tomb: how Jesus’ death and resurrection give us new life and fill us with hope.

After the Carry the Torch weekend was over, I wandered out to Rocky Knoll. As I sat on the shoreline, watching mist drift over the water, I reflected on how clear it is that this camp is Jesus’ camp. He commended it to our care for a while; now He commends it to others. But, as Nate Parks, the Executive Director of Berea, said clearly over that weekend, the leadership of Berea wants us to carry the torch with their community. I hope that we will respond to that call to continue to tell of Jesus’ Good News on a hill by a lake in the woods of Maine.

In Christ,

Molly Jane Layton, on behalf of the NECC Board of Directors

Gary Hobday

Carol Hobday

Woody McLendon

Mary McLendon

Jean Campbell

Rachael Burnett

Karen Smith

Martha Morse

Kelly Ozelski

Kent Pierce

Please note that this is the final communication from the NECC Board of Directors. For more information about Berea, please see their website: www.berea.org.

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