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Lake Water Level Update November 6, 2015

The Dam was open on October 20th. Shortly after the “beehive” guard on the pipe end (lakeside) clogged up with leaves. Chuck Shaw was able to partially clear the blockage with a rake. However, within minutes it clogged again. Chuck Shaw reached out to Mark, the contractor who installed the drain pipe last fall. He was able to pry one of the boards up and got the flow running via the spillway. Chuck and Mark will monitor and adjust the spillway boards as needed to lower the lake water level. There are only two bolts that hold the “beehive” guard and are somewhat easy to get to. The plan is for Chuck Shaw and Mark to remove the “beehive” late Sunday or Monday. This change will allow us to switch fully back over to the dam drain pipe. The future plan is to go back and install the old grate or something equally equivalent.


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  1. Can someone tell us why the water level has not gone down as usual by this time of year? Is it a dam issue? Has it rained more than the water leaving the dam?
    Was going to start cleaning up shoreline but daughter sent us a picture which still shows water lapping at the shoreline. Thank you.

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