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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Bunganut Pond Association  

July 7, 2017

2017 BPA Annual Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2016

2016 BPA Annual Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Chuck Shaw, President of the Board of Directors, at 10 am. Kathy Georgens, BOD Secretary, provided a synopsis of the minutes from 2014 which was accepted as presented.

Andrea Pierce, BOD Treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report which was approved by the membership:

Total Dues/Donations Collected 2014 to present:                                $ 9,326.00

Number of Dues-paying Members:                                                                       69


DAM REPORT – Chuck Shaw

“As the members know, we had a serious issue with the inlet pipe last summer. We were able to get Mark Trudeau in to do a temporary repair that kept the water level up for the summer and the State Dam Inspector satisfied we weren’t about to wash out anybody downstream. It was late fall before the water level was low enough to tear out the old pipe and we discovered that the top of the gate is not an apron on top of the gate box, but the actual gate box itself and solid all the way down. Mark removed the old pipe with considerable difficulty. It was a metal culvert which had rusted into a colander. A new plastic pipe with a cast iron beehive-type filter on the end was installed and cemented into place. By the time the job was done the weather had turned cold. Mark came back this spring to level and seed the top.”

We have seen no signs of weepage, so this part of the structure, like the spillway, should be good for several decades.

The dam was checked daily from July 14th to October 1st at the state dam inspector’s direction. The dam was opened on October 1, 2014. It remained opened until March 30th.

Opened 4-18-15 due to predicted rain and flood warnings.

Closed 4-21-15 (Less than one inch of rain).

There has been no visible weepage around the gate and the observed water level has not exceeded 4” over the boards since 4-19-15.

Much discussion followed regarding the likelihood of additional repairs needed in the future based on composition of various parts of the dam. The parts which are cast iron will need replacement some point in the future. There are parts which have been replaced with stainless steel. Those parts should not require replacement for quite some time.

The discussion then lead to water levels which were perceived to be high for the early spring. The ice went out around April 13 and the higher than normal levels of snow melt added to the seemingly elevated level of the lake. Residents indicated that they experienced damage to their docks which were normally safe when left in. They also noted a large amount of debris, i.e., tree stumps and partial trees. The board suggested that folks should not leave docks in the lake if they could be removed. Potentially changing weather patterns and varying snow levels are among several factors that complicate attempts to predict what water levels will do.


Testing was conducted on August 24, 2014 at 5.46 meters, and the secchi disk reading was normal. Testing on September 27, 2014 was at 5.5 meters. The lake is staying clear and clean, however Jay reminded all members to use fertilizer sparingly. Erosion control is very important to limit what gets thru to the lake. Be also aware of fuel and oils.

Jay indicated that he would welcome anyone who would like to help or take over the testing of the lake water. The most accurate readings are done at 11:45 am and 12:15pm. Andrea indicated that she would help out with testing. Please contact Jay Van Tassel if interested in helping with occasional water testing.

Water quality report was accepted.



Board President, Chuck Shaw, indicated that the current Vice President, Ed Sanborn is retiring from his position. Ed has been instrumental in many projects which have come to the board, most importantly is the dam. Ann Shaw nominated Kathy Georgens as the new Vice President.

Andrea Pierce was nominated to continue on as Treasurer.

As Kathy Georgens had been Secretary, Ed Sovetsky, was nominated for that position.

All officers were voted into their positions by the membership.

Christine Chamberlain is stepping down as Director. Ken Anderson Jr. was nominated to fill the remainder of her term which is one more year. All other Directors remain the same, and were voted in as such.

The BPA Board of Directors for 2015 – 2016:

President:      Chuck Shaw               207-459-8614

Vice President:Kathy Georgens

Treasurer:      Andrea Pierce

Secretary:       Ed Sovetsky               207-324-3437

Director:         Bruce Andrews

Director:         Pat Giles

Director:         Jay VanTassel

Director:         Ken Anderson Jr.


Chuck talked about the need to increase membership as well as ways to get members to know each other. At this meeting, name tags were available upon check in to help owners from different parts of the lake get to know each other. Also with paid membership you received a laminated sign indicating you are a member of the BPA for 2015. He asked the membership to display these signs visibly such that other owners may see them and be encouraged to join next year.

Lastly, we have BPA t-shirts for sale at $10.00 each. There are size Large and Medium left. Contact any board member if you are interested in a shirt. There were requests for XXL, and XXXL, as well as possibly youth sizes. This will be discussed by the board.


Chuck Shaw provided two handouts regarding current status on invasive plants in our area as well as an invasive snail.


            Once again the question of stocking the lake was raised. Could this be done privately? It could be done privately only if the whole lake were owned privately, which is not the case. To get the state to approve or supply the stocking would require us to have a public boat launch, which the majority of the lake property owners would not want to happen. Chuck agreed to pursue enquiries to confirm this information with the state.


The membership raised a serious concern for the lack of water safety being observed on the lake. Wake speed laws within 200’ of the shores are being ignored. Jet Skis are going too close to shore. It seems that there are a number of persons who enjoy wake boarding on the lake. The concern is that the boats towing the boarder are purposefully generating larger than normal wakes by the use of additional weight in the rear of the boat which then creates a large wake behind the boat. These wakes are disrupting other boats on the lake. What can be done?

A discussion followed which included suggestions to: get the wardens service here by request; contact the state to limit the HP on the lake; limit the number of boats on the lake. These suggestions for State involvement prompted concerns from others about too much State oversight and loss of the ability to self-police.

After considerable discussion, it was suggested that we self-police and become more considerate of each other while enjoying our lake. We should all demonstrate good boating manners. It was also suggested that if you observe dangerous boating actions, you note the registration number of the boat and perhaps even use your cell phone to video the actions. Then this information could be reported to the wardens.



Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Georgens, Recording Secretary


Addendum 1:  Invasivesmap

Addendum 2:  chinese mystery snail


Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Bunganut Pond Association

July 2014


Thirty-five people attended the annual meeting at 10:00 A.M. on July 13, 2014. The following Board of Directors were present:

Chuck Shaw, President

Ed Sanborn, Vice President

Andrea Pierce, Treasurer

Pat Giles, Board Member,

Bruce Andrews, Board Member

Charlie Kokernak, Board Member

Chuck Shaw presided over the meeting.   Andrea Pierce gave the financial report. Dues collected last year amounted to $2,800. The report was accepted as presented.

The two main topics of discussion during the meeting were:

  • The failing condition of the dam
  • The need to encourage more property owners to become members of the Bunganut Pond Association.


Old Business:

Dam Control Report

Chuck Shaw provided a thorough report, summarized here.

Although melt-off was gradual this spring, a serious problem with the dam became apparent in early July. Severe thunderstorms with flood warnings (associated with Hurricane Andrew) were predicted on July 2nd. Chuck opened the dam that night as the water was just over the boards. He closed the dam on July 5th when the water was ½” below the boards. He noticed the water coming out of the outflow pipe was gray, indicating a washout. The following day, this was investigated further. A dimple in the rip-rap was discovered. A 4” X 6” hole was located in the dam face at the waterline. The outflow was much greater than water flowing into the hole.   As Chuck and Tom further investigated the water flow, it was apparent the hole was much larger.

On July 7th, the Dam Inspector was contacted, as required for a potential dam failure. The hole was re-examined. It was determined to have opened further during the night and the rip-rap was unstable for several feet each side of the opening, indicating washout under the fabric.

In the process of making a temporary repair to the dam, the collapsed area was dug out. The area in front of the fore bay was badly washed out. Concrete blocks were stacked across the opening, the rip-rap was replaced. A layer of heavy canvas was put in-between to minimize washout. Clay was then packed behind the blocks, the hole was backfilled, and concrete plates were used to cap the filled area. This should hold until fall.

The Dam Inspector approved the temporary repairs and requested input on the permanent work to be done.

Summary of the Dam Control Report:

  1. Opening the gate creates a real risk of washing out the front of the dam and a risk of catastrophic failure. If we have heavy rain, we may have to tolerate higher than usual water levels this summer.
  2. The dam needs substantial repair this fall.
  3. It is anticipated that the lake will be drained down early and fast this year, probably around October 1st.

Discussion ensued following the Dam Control Report. Ed Sanborn is currently looking at options for the permanent repair. One option is a new pipe to replace the rusted, collapsed pipe. Another option is creation of a concrete channel. Cost, efficiency, and durability will be considered in determining how to make the permanent repair.

There was considerable discussion about how to raise more money for such urgent needs. Two ideas were suggested and are being considered. The first is to sell T-shirts (Save Bunganut, Save the Dam). The second suggestion was to create posters to be purchased and placed by homeowners on docks that indicate “Helping to save the dam by being a member of the Bunganut Pond Association”. Ed Sanborn offered to check into the T-shirts. Chuck Shaw offered to talk to Jay Van Tassell about the posters.

Water Quality

Jay Van Tassell was unable to attend the meeting, but Chuck reported that the water quality remains the same as usual. Algae and erosion are under control.   The Maine Lakes Association will train people to do lake quality monitoring. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Lake Quality Monitor, please contact Chuck Shaw for more details or


Last year the membership voted to install a monument to Ken Anderson, a long-time Bunganut Pond property owner to pay tribute to his work with the Association, his work protecting the water quality, and as acknowledgement of his generous financial support over many years. The monument is a stone monolith, one of the old spillway slabs with a bronze plaque inset. It is installed at the dam.


New Business:

Election of Board of Directors

The existing slate of officers was re-elected for the upcoming year, with one exception. Charlie Kokernak is retiring from the Board after many years of dedicated involvement. Christine Chamberlain was elected to the Board to replace Charlie.

The Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 year:

President Chuck Shaw 207-459-8614

Vice President Ed Sanborn

Secretary Kathy Georgens

Treasurer Andrea Pierce

Bruce Andrews

Pat Giles

Jay Van Tassel

Christine Chamberlain

1962 Map

Howard Dupee showed an interesting 1962 aerial map of Bunganut Pond.

Stocking the Lake

Someone asked if Bunganut Pond is stocked. It was mentioned that in the ‘80s, the lake was stocked with trout. At the present time, only the state can stock fish, but they only do it if there is a public boat launch on the lake. It is illegal for individuals to stock fish.

More Members Needed

The second major topic of discussion at the meeting was the need to encourage more property owners to become members of the Bunganut Pond Association. Over the past couple of years, the organization has lost 1/3 of its dues paying members. Far fewer than half of the property owners on Bunganut are members of the Association. It was suggested that every member talk to his/her lake neighbors to encourage them to join and participate. A membership form will be included in the next newsletter. It was suggested that we set-up a PayPal option on the website to make it easier for people to send in their membership dues. Ed offered to talk to Brian Johnson, the Webmaster. It was suggested that we need an advertising campaign so that property owners know about the Association and the work it does to maintain the quality of the lake.


Special thanks were given to Camp Cedarbrook for hosting the annual meeting again this year.

Many thanks to Chuck Shaw for his diligence in monitoring the dam and reporting on its current state.

Many people expressed appreciation to Ed Sanborn and the Bunganut Lake Camping Area for the wonderful display of fireworks.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:05.